Some pictures from the 1972 renovation

In 1972 a major programme or works was undertaken to renovate the Bell Cage. Also while the bells were out of action, they were removed to Taylors Bell foundry where they were refurbished. The old sleeve bearings were replaced by ball races. The old ringers claim the bells are no easier to ring but at least they do not need greasing every Sunday.

Below are some of the many photographs taken during the renovation.

It is not often you can see the Fourth bell outside of the bell frame. This picture not only shows how big it is but also how heavy! .... and it is not even the heaviest!

One side of the cage and part of the bell frame had to be removed to get the bells out.

If you visit the cage have a look around, it is very hard to spot which part of the cage was removed.

One of the bells on its way out. You can see the part of the frame that had to be removed.

Once out, the bells were lifted onto a set of rollers and taken away.

Preparing the frame for the new bearings.

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