13C Farmhouse

Just opposite Flatford Mill, tucked away behind a hedge is what is probably the original 12C or 13C farmhouse. Like many buildings in this part of the country it is timber framed and would originally have been thatched. What makes it unique is that it still embodies some of its original form.

The part of the building on the left is two storied and would have been the living quarters for the farmer and his family. The part on the left is a large open hall with wooden shuttered windows, no glass! where the workers, their wives and children lived. Everybody eating and sleeping in the same large room.

To one end would have been an open fireplace with the smoke exiting via the small triangular section you can see in the right hand end of the roof just above the trees. The chimney was a later addition. How would you have liked to live there in those days?

Now the building houses the warden for Flatford and it is not open to the public.