Multimedia Page

This page has links to recordings and videos of the bells in action. Along with a unique recording of one of the clappers breaking. Something that only happens about once every 50 years.

Most people when they see the bells for the first time think they are "up-side-down". This page explains why

A short recording of the bells.
An video of the Bell Cage and the bells ringing. This video dates from 1996 and shows how much the internet has improved since then. In the early days of the internet it used to take about 5 minutes to download this video!

The first part of the video shows the outside of the bell cage with the five bells ringing straight. Can you hear each of the bells?. As the camera zooms in you can see the bells swinging backwards and forwards and just make out the figures of some of the ringers.

The second part shows the Second bell from a very unusual angle, standing on the floor of the cage and looking up through the bell frame timbers. The Second was cast about 1450 and is of similar size to America's Liberty Bell.

The third and final part shows the huge Tenor bell, taken while standing on the bell frame. Notice how the clapper strikes the bell and not, as you may expect, the other way round. The original four bells sit on each side of the square frame. The Tenor, which was added at the end of the 17C sits in the middle. As you can see the ringer has to stand in a small triangular area surrounded by three massive bells. Not for the faint hearted.

An interview with the Bell Captain which also shows the church and the bells being rung.

On Remembrance Day and other mournful, occasions, the bells are rung Half Muffled. This involves tying a leather pad to one side of the clapper so it deadens the sound on that stroke, producing a haunting sound. This is a recording of the East Bergholt bells ringing half muffled.

It is hard to believe that just my ringing the bell by force of hand it is possible to break a 2inch (5cm) diameter piece of steel, the clapper. It does happen, caused by stress fractures in the metal, but not very often. Here is a unique video of on of the clappers breaking.

A short clip from ITV Anglia News showing the new clapper being fitted. (Copyright ITV Anglia News)

A short documentary by Chris Richmond on his visit to Constable Country and the Bell Cage.