Historic Pictures

If you compare this picture of the Bell Cage with what you can see today, at first glance you may think there is little difference.

Look more closely.

There are no steps in front of the door. These were added when Queen Mary came to visit the Church and Bell Cage on June 15th 1938 making this picture over 75 years old!
If you go the village shop you can buy post card to send to your friends, do you think it will appear on a Web site in 100 years time? This one did!.

If you look carefully at the postmark it is dated 07 - 1907?

Unlike the bell cage, you would see a significant difference between the ringers then and those of today. For a start - we do not wear caps!
Five proud ringers look back at us from the past.

I am uncertain of the date of this photograph. I think it is earlier than the post card, above. If you look at the bottom of the cage, on this photograph the grass comes right up to the slats. There is now a path around the cage and that is about 50cms lower as you can see on the postcard and photograph below.

The dress and stance of the people suggests this photograph may have been taken around 1890.

The rededication of the bells following the restoration in 1973/4.

Concecration of the Bell Cage
Walter Crisp
Reggie Gunn
The Bishop The Rector Tom Scott
John Punt
David Cullham
Capt. Wake -Walker Barry Malschinger

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